Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter

Summer is approaching and so is the heat. It’s the time of the year when homeowners shut off the furnace and eventually find themselves turning on the AC unit. This means it’s the perfect time to discuss the importance of changing or cleaning air filters in your home.
Cleaning or changing the air filter in your furnace, AC unit, humidifier, or even your air purifier, can have a number of benefits. The first benefit is saving money on your energy bill. When you have clean air filters in your home, the electrical unit that pushes the air through the filter has an easier time. When the electrical unit (machine) has an easier time pushing air, it cuts down on the amount of energy used to power the machine. This directly cuts your energy costs.

The second benefit of changing your air filter is the clean air you get to breathe. Changing and/or cleaning your air filter removes pollens, hair and dust particles that would otherwise be filtering through your home. Having a clean air filter allows the fibrous material in the filter to capture the particles in your home- so your lungs don’t have to. This is a benefit to your respiratory health and can, in turn, have multiple benefits for other health related issues as well.

The third benefit of changing and cleaning your air filter now, is that you don’t put yourself at risk for other problems, expenses, or complications later. Homeowners can find themselves with the overwhelming cost of replacing their furnace; all because they don’t change the filters. Over time, the furnace engine works harder and harder to push air through the dirty filter. It eventually gets tired and worn out because more and more dust gets trapped in the filter. In time, the engine struggle to provide the same efficiency and breaks down.

Next time you are doing home chores-consider the benefits of changing or cleaning the air filters in your home. Remember the financial, health, and long term benefits that come from such a simple task.

-Sean Armstrong

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