High-Efficiency Odor Control System for Larger Airflows

BioAir Solutions has developed a new, high-efficiency odor control system utilizing the company’s EcoBase® structured, synthetic biotrickling filter media.

The newly introduced EcoFilter® EF1242 is a fiberglass, single-tower biotrickling filter capable of eliminating H2S and VOCs using absolutely no hazardous chemicals, while delivering reliable, consistent, long-term performance with very low operating costs. BioAir can provide EF1242 units capable of handling airstreams of up to 16,000 cfm containing H2S concentrations in excess of 500 ppmv. With residence times less than six seconds, this unit is suitable for large-scale wastewater odor and corrosion control. The EF1242 has a compact footprint and comes with a zero-loss dispersion stack.

The current solutions of using chemical scrubbers, activated carbon, or biological systems to treat odors require high operating costs or a large footprint. Carbon systems require frequent replacement of the media, which then needs to be landfilled. Chemical scrubbers require the use of hazardous chemicals which are dangerous for the operators and potentially harmful to the environment. Most biological systems require a large footprint and most require replacement of the media once it is clogged or compressed. BioAir’s EcoFilter uses no chemicals ever and the media is designed to last over 20 years without the need for any maintenance. Thus, it is a totally “green solution” with low operating costs and no danger for operators or the environment.

“Based on several years of research and development, we have developed a biology-based solution that can handle both organic and inorganic odors,” says Dr. Louis le Roux, president of BioAir Solutions. “With our EcoBase media, we can treat higher odor loadings in less time than other biological products. This benefits our customers since the reactor sizes we provide are much smaller than that of competing technologies.”

BioAir’s president says the EcoBase synthetic media is specifically designed to provide uniform and optimized mass transfer of odorous compounds under a controlled microenvironment. This enables the proliferation and growth of specific bacterial species that effectively remove wastewater treatment plant odors. The patented design, which includes engineered air flow channels to control mass transfer and eliminate plugging, also eliminates media density variations that often result in the inconsistent performance of other types of media.

According to le Roux, BioAir’s technology has had “real world” application at municipal wastewater treatment plants in the United States and Canada where BioAir has over 35 installations. He said the EcoFilter system, including the new EF1242, was shown to remove more than 99.9 percent of hydrogen sulfide odors, including 95 percent of all odors and meets the needs of facilities ranging from pump stations to headworks/dewatering or sludge-drying operations at wastewater treatment plants. BioAir is fully qualified to provide a unified solution for an entire wastewater treatment plant.

“Utilities interested in an environmentally-friendly, simple-to-operate technology that virtually eliminates odors without the use of hazardous chemicals or media replacement have embraced the solutions provided by BioAir,” said Dr. le Roux. “And with superior service after the sale, the EcoFilter technology is rapidly becoming the new industry standard for handling waste water odors.”

BioAir Solutions develops new technologies and solutions to make biological odor and air emissions control more efficient, reliable and cost-effective for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

BioAir Solutions, LLC • 110 Kresson-Gibbsboro Rd.,
Suite 303 • Voorhees, NJ 08043 • 856.258.6969 (phone) • 856.258.6975 (fax) • www.bioairsolutions.com

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