How safe is the Lighting in Your Workplace?

We spend the majority of our lives in the workplace which is why adhering to health and safety regulations is imperative.

The question is: how safe is the lighting installed in your working environment?

A commonly overlooked issue, workplace lighting is much more important than you might actually think with headaches, migraines and eye strains being a common health implication associated with poor, insufficient lighting in the workplace (according to the EU’s Lighting for People study).

It’s surprising to learn just how common this issue is when eco-efficient LED lighting is believed to ease light related health issues, all the while, potentially saving businesses thousands in annual energy bills.

4 Disadvantages of Fluorescent LED Lighting

Fluorescent led lighting commonly causes discomfort for employees causing headaches, eyestrains and migraines, but, did you know, poor lighting in the work place has other hampering effects to your business?
• Toxic Mercury
Traditional fluorescent light tubes contain toxic mercury vapour, the amount varying from lamp to lamp which, if disturbed can be poisoning to the human body.
So, in light of avoiding causing severe health issues in your employees, investing in led light fixtures is more important than you might actually think.
• Flickering
Employees with light sensitivity health issues must steer clear of any flickering lights. Disorders such as epilepsy can be triggered by flickering lights causing fits and discomfort for the employee.
Flickering lights can also cause issues to people with lupus, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, vertigo and Lyme disease.
• Short lifespan
Fluorescent lighting solutions endure a notoriously short lifespan increasing business overheads with constant light replacements and increased energy bills.
• UV Emissions
Some fluorescent light fixtures actually emit ultraviolet radiation which can be particularly troublesome for people who have the skin condition; Polymorphus Light Eruption. This condition causes skin rashes triggered by UV light exposure.

4 Benefits of LED Light Fixtures

More and more businesses are leaping towards eco-efficiency aiding in an increase in LED lighting firms across the country.

With increased competition comes a drive down in price which means now is a better time than ever to invest in led light fixtures and fulfil your workplace safety measures.

• No Mercury
LED Light fixtures contain zero traces of toxic mercury gas

• Adaptable
With a range of functions and options you can tailor your lighting to suit your day to day routine. Choose between dim, emergency and sensor at your convenience.

• Increased awareness in the Workplace
Brighter lighting means increased concentration in the workplace with the ability to see what you’re doing clearly and with ease.

• Improved health and safety
Being able to see what we’re doing clearly helps improve health and safety measures reducing the risk of light triggered illnesses and trip, slip and falling hazards.

Adjacent to the above, LED lighting offers a wide range of health and safety benefits to workplaces across the globe. Look after your staff and increase productivity rates in your business with eco-efficient led lighting fixtures.

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