Noise Control Systems Improve Acoustic Environment in Industrial Facilities

Two efficient sound-absorbing systems, engineered by Eckel Industries, Inc., Acoustic Division, provide a quick, reliable means for efficiently reducing background noise and reverberation in industrial operations, such as in water/wastewater treatment facilities, hydroelectric plants, water purification complexes, and manufacturing areas, as well as in offices, control rooms, conference rooms, and administrative spaces. These rugged panel systems – Eckoustic® Modular Panels (EMPs) and Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs) – economically solve noise control problems in the workplace, offering industrial and municipal organizations an easy, cost-effective method of providing personnel with a less fatiguing, safer environment. In addition, the Eckel panel systems can help companies meet OSHA requirements.

The Eckoustic Modular Panels system is specially designed for constructing free-standing full enclosures, partial enclosures, and walls of all configurations and sizes. The unusually flexible EMP system, available with 4” thick STC 41 or STC 44 panels, enables personnel to be easily isolated from noisy equipment and machinery. Other advantages of the EMPs include: a full range of panel components offered, i.e., door, window, hatch, and ventilation panels in addition to the standard panels; simple, hassle-free installation, without needing any special tools; truly demountable for ease of maintenance of enclosed machinery; and readily disassembled/reassembled, without loss of acoustic integrity, if the structure needs to be expanded or relocated.

The V-ridged EFPs are unit panels with superb sound-absorption properties. Therefore, continuous wall and/or ceiling treatment is not required to achieve the desired acoustic environment – only a relatively small portion of these surfaces needs to be treated to obtain the requisite noise reduction. This “spot locating” feature results in a savings in material cost. Plus, since existing utilities need not be disturbed to mount EFPs on walls and/or ceiling, installation labor costs are reduced. In addition to placement flexibility, other benefits of the EFPs include long-term durability, with no degradation in acoustic integrity, and availability in virtually any color desired (a custom option). Panel color can be selected for decor purposes or to differentiate separate sections of a large, open industrial interior area. The Eckel EFP system, as is the EMP system, is easy to maintain.

For more information, contact Eckel Industries, Inc., Acoustic Division, 155 Fawcett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-491-3221 Content Partner Info:

Originally Published in Pollution Equipment News

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