Protect Yourself From the Sun on the Slopes

It goes without saying that one of the most important things to consider when hitting the slopes is how well protected you are from the elements. It is a fundamental part of making sure you stay well protected in order to have a stress free and relaxing holiday, just one slip up when it comes to safety can ruin your well anticipated trip.

One of the main perpetrators for potentially spoiling your trip is the sun due to its deceiving ability to be the last thing you contemplate when hitting the cold powdery slopes. Ok so the typical white goggle marks on your friends face at the end of the day can be amusing, but if you were aware of the actually damage the sun has caused to the skin, you may decide not to see the funny side after all.

The main focus for obvious reasons is making sure your face and head are well prepared for a day of skiing and snowboarding out on the mountain sides. Even if it is a cloudy day, don’t get caught out as the suns rays at altitude are still powerful enough to penetrate through the clouds and cause substantial damage to your skin. With this in mind, here is a list of important things to consider before you venture outdoors.

Put your sunblock on before leaving your accommodation – believe it or not but some people can develop sunburn after only 15 minutes exposure to the sun. The mistake to be made here is to think you can just quickly apply your sunblock just before you catch your first ski lift of the day but during the time you are making your way to the slopes, adjusting your ski boots and chatting with fellow skiers, you most likely will have started the process of damaging your skin even if you thought you were being savvy by applying it throughout the day!

A good sunscreen designed for ski sun protection should include a high UV factor, multi vitamins and be convenient enough to carry around on the slopes for the day. One of the most effective ones on the market is the Tub-e-Stick UV Lip Balm / Sunblock which boasts all these factors and is a convenient size to pop in your ski jacket or round your neck ready for a frequent top up!

Protect your scalp – One of the most forgettable parts of the body that tends to be forgotten, especially on a skiing trip is the scalp. Whether you are male or female, your scalp is highly susceptible to burning and the risk is considerably higher at altitude. Even if you have set out to tackle the slopes with your hat on, the temptation just to pull it off when your body is over heated from all your hard work is always there. This is when you are at most danger of causing damage as sun block around the hair line and visible parts of the scalp would not have been previously applied.

A good solution to this would be in the form of a ski neck warmer that also acts as a bandana and other alternative uses. The material is thinner but will still insulate your neck and face whilst skiing. It is also a very convenient option just to pull it up over your head and scalp when you need to remove your hat which will stop the strong rays from penetrating the skin.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes!
It is not a common fact and it is definitely something everybody should be aware of, but growths on the eyes can occur from sun exposure and this is a lot more common in surfers and skiers who are near the ocean or spend long periods of time on mountains. Therefore it is imperative that you really consider investing in some high quality ski goggles that have at least a 99% UV protection rate and a wrap around features to have the ultimate protection from the sun.

There are many high quality ones to choose from that range in price so make sure you shop around for the most functional ones that do the job properly. Some of the more stylish versions can catch you out and you can be deceived when it comes to the protection aspects of the design. The cost of looking good is then a high price to pay when it concerns your eyesight.

So to summarise ….
Be savvy with your sunblock
Don’t let your scalp slip your mind
Surprise your eyes, treat them with the care they deserve

And most importantly, enjoy your well deserved break in the snow by being aware of the dangers of the sun on the slopes!

Author: Lauren Dearing

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