Public Transportation Safety for Kids

Families that live in large metropolitan areas often have access to buses, trains, or the subway system. It's important to help your kids become wise to the ways of public transportation before they use it. Teach your children safety rules for taking mass transit, using escalators, and walking in busy traffic areas. This is especially important because, as kids grow older, they may take public transportation on their own -- even to get to school.

Getting to Your Stop or Station

* Cross at crosswalks or street corners
* Wait for a green light or a WALK sign
* Look left, then right, then left again before you enter the street-even when you have the green light
* Do not run on streets or through parking lots

Safe Public Transportation Trips

* Know where you are going
* Call one of your parents when you arrive as planned
* Arrive with exact fare or tokens or passes to avoid displaying extra cash
* Look for the busiest or best-lit stop
* Grab an aisle seat and sit close to the driver or operator when possible
* Stay aware
* Keep your backpack on your lap and don't show expensive-looking items
* Move away from noisy passengers

Riding the City Bus

* Wait back from the curb at the bus stop
* Once on the bus, don't block doors or lean on them
* Hold on if you are standing while the bus is moving
* Keep aisles clear
* Understand city buses are not school buses-when passengers exit, city buses move away and other traffic does not stop
* Avoid standing or walking in zones where drivers cannot see you

Escalator Safety

* Tie your shoelaces and make sure baggy clothing or rubber boots don't get stuck in the escalator equipment
* Pick-up your feet when you enter and exit the escalator
* Go the same direction as the escalator moves
* Do not sit
* Stand on the right or move on the left
* Keep your hands, feet, and clothing clear of the sides of the escalator
* Do not play
* Enter and exit without stopping

Riding Trains or Subways

* Keep a safe distance from the platform edge
* Do not sit on the platform edge
* Do not play on the platform
* Let others get off before you get on
* Watch your step entering and exiting
* Move to the center
* Hold onto something if you are standing
* Do not lean on doors

Tips for Traveling With Young Kids

* Carry very small children
* Hold hands with young children
* Help young children off and on buses, trains, subways, and escalators
* Do not bring strollers or carriages on escalators

Now that you and your children know how to use public transportation, there's a whole new world open to you. Get out and explore!

-- Trina Lambert

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