Running to Safety

Running to Safety
Everyone knows that exercise is important. But while you are outside losing calories, you may be losing track of your surroundings. Exercise safety is an often ignored, important area of life. Here are some tips to ensure that the only thing in danger during your work out are those extra pounds:

  • Do not wear head phones while you jog. You may be inspired by the theme song from Rocky, but it will be difficult to hear oncoming traffic or footsteps behind you.
  • Be aware of all around you. Avoid isolated areas of the park or woods and try to remain visible to the public at all times. If you are running early in the morning or late at night, find paths that are well lit.
  • Make at least one other person aware of your running route and the time you expect to return.
  • Change your routine around. Do not run the same path on the same day every week.
  • Run with a partner, whether that means a human being or even your dog.
  • Run facing oncoming traffic.
  • Leave your watch and jewelry at home. These items put your at risk for muggers.
  • In case of an emergency, carry change for the phone with you or keep your cell phone handy.
  • Keep some form of identification on you. This may just mean writing your name on your shoe.
  • Wear light or reflective clothing.
  • Carry a small pocket flashlight or multifunction tool that includes whistle or siren and light.

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