San Diego Summer Safety

In the summer months, tourists and residents of cities like San Diego head to the beach in droves. For many, there is no better way to spend a beautiful summer day than at the beach relaxing or playing in the waves. As wonderful as a day at the beach can be, it comes with a unique set of dangers that must be addressed and taken seriously to keep you and your family safe.

Parking and Walking
Navigating the streets and finding parking can be the most stressful part of a day at the beach. Beach areas are typically jam packed with people and their cars. Hours in the sun, possibly combined with alcohol can lead to very inattentive and even negligent drivers. Be careful and keep these things in mind:

-When you finally find your parking spot, make sure you note exactly where you are (I pin my exact location on a map app on my phone) to avoid having to search for your car later.

- Hold hands with small children.

-Be sure to look both ways when crossing the street and NEVER pop out from behind a parked car.

-If you have a lot of beach gear, consider dropping it off right at the beach before you park. Make sure you leave an adult to attend to it though as unattended property is likely to be stolen.

-Take 2 trips. Don't overload yourself and risk an injury from carrying too much.

On the Sand
So you found parking and made it to the beach, staking your claim to a premium piece of ocean front real estate. Congratulations! Don't let up just yet, however.

- Make sure to liberally apply sunscreen, even if is overcast. According to, UV rays in the United States are strongest in the summer between 10 am and 4 pm. If you have fair skin, you can burn in under 15 minutes without protection.

-Keep a close eye on your children. On a busy day it can be easy to lose track of your little one if you aren't paying close attention.

- Wash your hands after coming in contact with sand. Beach sand can contain e-coli or even salmonella.

In the Water
Most of the dangers at the beach l (or swim) in the water. The ocean itself is extremely powerful and should always be respected. Here are few things to watch out for:

- Riptides or rip currents are responsible for more than %80 of water rescues at the beach. If caught in one, don't fight it, instead swim parallel to the shoreline to escape. Always swim at beaches with a lifeguard on duty.

- Do the Stingray shuffle. San Diego is well known for the sting of it's rays, so when entering or exiting the water, shuffle your feet in the sand rather than stepping normally.

-Stay out of the water after heavy rains. Rains can bring contaminated runoff in to the ocean.

-Don't go in the water if you have open cuts and are a bleeding. Great white sharks can detect one drop of blood in 25 gallons of water and can sense blood in the water up to 3 miles away.

-When building sandcastles or digging holes at the beach, keep children away from any hole that is deeper than waist-height for safety. It is estimated that sinkholes are responsible for more deaths at the beach than shark attacks.

Despite the laundry list of dangers, the beach is still one of the best ways to spend a summer day by yourself or with your family. Just remember these tips, be aware or your surroundings, and enjoy yourself.

This information is brought to by the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay, a San Diego personal injury law firm dedicated to consumer safety.

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