Guard A Kid of the Lehigh Valley, LLC

The FBI receives over 2,000 missing children reports every day. A child in the United States becomes missing every 40 seconds. Statistics from the US justice department and the world Almanac puts the chance of any child becoming missing at 1 in 42. A parent’s best assurance for the quick and safe recovery of a missing child is to have a complete profile of the child on hand. The first hours after a child becomes missing is the most critical time for recovery. Guard-A-Kid of the Lehigh Valley provides a total and complete child ID and child safety package to each participating parent. Guard-A-Kid uses a state-of-the-art FBI quality digital fingerprint scanner to capture the child’s fingerprint images. While others offer a single printed ID card, Guard-A-Kid provides parents with two wallet-size printed IDs, a large file-size ID, and most importantly a CD-ROM that contains all of the child’s information in a digital format. The CD-ROM is extremely essential in transmitting the child’s information to other law enforcement agencies within the same city and also to agencies out of state, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In fact, with Guard-A-Kid, the full set of information from a missing child can be emailed to other agencies within seconds. The first hour after the child is reported missing is the most important time in recovering the child. The CD-ROM includes a file that contains all of the child’s information in the format that the police and the FBI prefer to see. Once the parent provides the CD-ROM to law enforcement and the law enforcement inserts it into their computer system, the child’s information is quickly formatted into their database and ready to be sent to other agencies worldwide. All of this information can also be sent to cellular phones using MMS messaging.

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