INCREASED INJURIES TO YOUTHS IN SPORTS - Practical ways parents can be become informed and help prevent injuries.

Youth sports are a great way for children to stay fit, build relationships, and increase their self confidence. The risk of injury that accompanies these activities is still a major concern for parents. Diagnosis, treatment and recovery methods are presented to parents in an easy to understand way at

Catie Hayes writes about the increased injury rate at “The statistics for kids and injuries in sports are alarming. Children account for 40% of all injuries reported yearly. Overall, rates are highest for contact sports such as football, hockey, soccer, and basketball.” The risk of injury is present during any physical activity, and will remain so, but there are proactive measures parents can take in order reduce said risk.

Some of the ways to prevent injury before an event are listed by Trina Lambert at in her article titled, “Sprains and Strains: Practice Prevention”

* Stretch daily
* Eat a healthy diet and keep your weight appropriate
* Wear shoes that fit properly and replace them when they begin to wear out
* Condition yourself for the sports you do
* Warm up before and cool down after activities
* Bow out of the game or exercise if you are extremely tired or in pain
* Remove fall hazards at home

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