Barricade Lights and their Manifold Usages

We do not even have the proper comprehension, but our daily security is largely depended upon barricade lights. Interestingly there are a several uses into which barricade lights can be put into. Be it in the roads, the construction areas or airports, these lights guarantee our security. This article lists some of their most popular uses.

Construction and Road Repairs
Barricade lights are highly popular in areas where road repair or construction is ongoing. Wherever there is a cliff, a steep drop or a ravine close to the rods, a guardrail with a barricade light is to be found. These lights are also to be found in areas where a new road is being laid or a damaged one is being recovered, even when the crew is not present on the sight. Such lights are also used to aware the drivers or the pedestrians against rocks, potholes, debris, small floods, sink holes or any such road problem which must be brought into the notice of the road users. Traffic safety services in these cases depend highly on these lights.

Airport Security Lights
The airport is undoubtedly one of the most common places, where barricade lights are put into use. The landing strip is the place in an airport where these lights are used mostly, where the strip is lit up by both the constantly lit and flashing varieties. In the official airport vehicles, the amber red variety of barricade lights is used. The same are also used by the crew members of the airport. Airport security is greatly depended on these lights and in their absence the operations in an airport would come to still.

Emergency Warning
To restrict people from entering the affected areas, after a hurricane, earthquake or any such devastating natural disaster has occurred, barricade lights are used. Entire blocks and neighborhoods in New Orleans were restricted with these lights, during the Katrina, so that people do not step into the danger-prone areas. Several lives were saved in the process.

High-Constructions and Buildings
During the night when all the lights inside the buildings are switched off, it becomes difficult for the night time air traffic to figure out if there is a tall building on their way or not. The LED based barricade lights affixed at the top of the buildings, with their continuous blinks, warn the helicopters and planes, thereby preventing loss of lives and property. These lights give out the message to the pilots that there is a building on its way and he needs to avoid crashing into it.

On a concluding note it can be said that, the importance of the barricade lights, irrespective of any geographical boundary has become indispensable in our modern lives. It is unfair on our part that we do not take notice of the lights, but we all are highly depended on them.

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