The Importance of Fire Doors and Why Your Business Should Get Them

Fire doors are part of a building's passive fire-protection system and can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. They are designed to contain and stem the spread of a fire, allowing the people inside the building to exit safely. All businesses should consider them to help keep employees safe.
The Silent Killer
It is smoke that is the biggest killer in the event of a fire and smoke is the reason you should install fire doors into your business should you not already have them. Within a modern building a fire may not spread too quickly, but the smoke produced can fill a room within seconds and on average it only takes four intakes of breath in a smoke-filled room before people lose consciousness. This is a very fine margin for survival should a fire break out without the adequate protection. Fire doors contain an intumescent seal which limits the airflow between the door and frame and actively expands as it gets hotter, creating a tighter seal and therefore a barrier to the deadly smoke behind it.
Fire doors typically come in two rated options of FD 30 and FD 60, in which the number designates how many minutes the door will contain the fire. In the majority of business offices and buildings, 30 minutes should be plenty of time to evacuate all the employees to a safe distance. However, it may not be enough time for the fire brigade to arrive and extinguish the fire before it spreads, so it is always a good idea to look at the higher specification doors as your first option.
With modern manufacturing techniques, fire doors no longer have to be an ugly sight at the end of a corridor and there is a range of high-quality, attractive finishes to choose from. The most popular options include wood veneer, painted, laminate within the wood grain and over-panelled. With a range of colours and grains in each style you can match your newly installed fire doors with the rest of your office's colour scheme. If you are looking for fire doors UK suppliers also offer glazing options in all styles of fire door that meet British standards, so your fire doors can be integrated even better into your business environment while still protecting your employees.
Fire doors should be viewed as a necessity in any modern business. While it is tempting to save on the investment and forgo installing fire doors, if a fire does break out then it can have drastic implications if your employees are not be able to safely exit the building as fire and smoke spreads throughout it. With modern designs and a wide range of styles on the market, there are fire doors to suit any business's requirements.
Jay Felix is a seasoned writer who has written a number of articles about the kind of fire doors UK suppliers can offer. He has been writing for various websites and print media for over 10 years.

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