Pet Shop Supplies

There are some pet shop supplies that are much more important than others and all pet owners should have them when it comes to owning a cat, a dog, a hamster, bird or any other pet that is held and played with regularly. They are items that are necessity pet shop supplies, as well as items that make life for any pet much more comfortable too. There are items that should be purchased if they have not been already, as well as items that may not seem like a necessity, but really are. The important pet supplies to have include:

Water Bowls and Food Bowls - Any pet that is owned should have a separate water bowl and food bowl. This is true of any pet, even the ones that are kept in cages. The obvious reasons being that they need to eat and drink daily, however they should be separate bowls since many times vitamins needed to be added to them or the pet needs to be able to eat and drink at the same time. Depending on the pet that is owned will determine the size and type of food and water bowls that are needed. For instance, birds typically can have a water dripper that attaches to the side of the cage and food bowls that sit in a slot in the cage. While dogs and cats require different sized bowls based on their size. Not to mention that large breed dogs may require a water and food bowl that is elevated from the ground so that they do not have to lean down as far to eat, which is better for their digestion.

A Bed - This can be a cushion that is made for a dog or cat or it may be a small hutch for a bird. While gerbils and hamsters have small homes that fit inside their cage as well. Either way, the pet needs a place that is comfortable for them to sleep in. Many pets spend a large portion of their day sleeping and laying, so having a bed or home of some sort is very important. It will be better for them, since they will be more comfortable and they will be in a better mood too when they have slept well, just like humans. Providing a bed for a pet also gives them a space that is all their's, as well as this is useful when it comes to keeping pets off of furniture too.

Grooming Pet Supplies - Maintaining their fur, wings and nails is very important. This also includes teeth in cats and dogs, as well as other pets too. A pet's health is directly tied to making sure that they are groomed, especially when it comes to their mouth. Making sure to clean their teeth, clip their wings so they can not be injured when flying or brush their fur to remove mats is very important. Animals that have matted and knotted fur are not going to feel comfortable, nor will they look appealing either. Ensuring that their fur is clean and brushed is important so that it does not build up oils, hold in dirt and so their skin is not hurt either.

Toys - Just like people, animals like playing with toys. Toys are necessary so they have something to do when there is no one else around. Toys also allow them to spend time on their own as well. This is extremely important for breeds and animals that are very active and need regular exercise as well.

Pet First Aid Kits - Dog 1st Aid, Cat 1st Aid, Horse Too - This can be a necessity for people that need to travel with their pets often. It is important to have the right carrying cages and items to travel easily with the pet, as well as ensure that they will not be injured too.

Which pet supplies are purchased will vary from pet to pet, however these are the basics that all pets should have in one form or another.

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