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Drugs and the Older Driver

No matter what your age, being able to drive is a sign of independence. Yet with the independence comes the responsibility to drive safely.

AEDs on a Jobsite

Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions in the world today.

Staying Active to Prevent Injury

Recent studies have shown that exercise has many health benefits for the elderly. Unfortunately, people over the age of sixty represent the most inactive age group of Americans.

Street Smarts for Senior Pedestrians

If the answer to living a long life could be found by simply walking around the block, would you do it?

Cooking and Safe Food Handling Practices for Seniors

As a senior, it is even more important for you to watch what you eat and how you prepare your food. As people age, their immune systems get weaker and provide less protection.

Guard A Kid of the Lehigh Valley, LLC

The FBI receives over 2,000 missing children reports every day. A child in the United States becomes missing every 40 seconds.

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