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CPR has been proven time and again to save lives. Yet, the American Heart Association estimates that fewer than 20 to 25% of all adults in the U.S. have learned these critical skills at least once ... and most of these people may have learned years ago.


The American Heart Association recommends that EVERY FAMILY learn and practice CPR.
When someone's heart or breathing stops, he or she typically only has four to six minutes before lack of oxygen can result in brain damage -- or even death. The simple skills of CPR can buy extra time for a loved one, until professional help can arrive, by artificially circulating blood and oxygen to the brain and other vital organs.
The American Heart Association estimates that 100,000 to 200,000 lives of adults and children could be saved each year if CPR were performed early enough. In fact, statistics show that the earlier CPR is initiated, the greater the chances of survival. Because time is so critical, you want to be sure that you and other family members are prepared, and feel prepared, to quickly take action.


With statistics like these, why wouldn't every family learn and practice CPR and choking first aid? Research has identified a number of issues for some families, such as:
Can't find the time for a class.
Class schedule isn't convenient.
Don't want to share mannequins with strangers.
Just don't like learning in a group setting.
Don't want to take a test.
Don't want to fall behind/look dumb.
As for practicing CPR, how do you do it? Until now, there has been no convenient or practical way for people to periodically review their skills at home.
The American Heart Association and CPR Prompt recognize that these are issues for many families. That is why our two organizations are working together to provide new flexible ways for families to learn and practice CPR at home.
A New Flexible Option: Learn When You Want .. Where You Want .. with Your Whole Family
The CPR Prompt Home Learning System is the first system to provide practice mannequins (an adult/child and infant), a video course and learning guide -- all the tools that a family needs to learn CPR and choking first aid in their own home, at their own pace.


The video course follows the American Heart Association guidelines, and provides easy-to- follow, step-by-step instructions for all key rescue procedures ... and all three ages:
Adult (up to 8 years old) Child (1 to 8 years old) Infant (under 1 year old)
Rescue procedures covered include:
One-Person CPR Mouth to Mouth breathing The Heimlich Maneuver for a conscious choking person Abdominal Thrusts for an unconscious choking person
For added flexibility, the video sections are color coded for each age group -- so you can learn rescue skills for one age group -- or for all three. Although the entire video is only 44 minutes long, it typically will take about 30 minutes to learn an Age group. The instructors will advise you to pause the video at different sections -- and practice your skills and rescue scenarios. Practicing with the video and your mannequins is an important part of learning the skills.


To help ensure that you master important skills, the mannequins are designed to provide instant, built-in feedback so you know when you are doing the techniques correctly. The manikin lungs visibly inflate -- so you see chest rise -- when you properly tilt the head and lift the chin. For chest compression feedback, the Adult/Child manikin clicks when you press hard enough in the right place. The Infant manikin has a hard inner plastic plate that creates a 'bottoming out feel" when you press to the correct depth.
Both mannequins feature realistic anatomical markings ... to help you learn correct hand positions for different rescue procedures including chest compressions, back blows (infant), the Heimlich Maneuver and checking pulse.
The mannequins also are easy to clean -- and come with replaceable lung bags (3 Adult/Child and 3 Infant) and dishwasher-safe heads.
IF YOU ARE A CPR INSTRUCTOR ... click here for more information on CPR Prompt PROFESSIONAL training mannequins.


The system includes a Supplemental Learning Guide -- with 32 pages of extra information, including:
A review of CPR and Choking First Aid Skills for Adult, Child and Infant age groups. Practice Scenarios Special Situations (for example, how do you perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a pregnant woman? What do you do if a victim vomits? etc.) Early Heart Attack Warning Signs Stroke Warning Signs Healthy Heart Living Childproofing Your Home ... and More.


If you have any questions about the course material or the mannequins, you can call American EHS, or American CPR Training  to speak with a CPR instructor.
Other CPR Prompt Home Learning System Benefits
Use CPR Prompt for a lifetime of learning and "CPR readiness." For example, is there a new baby in the family? Use the system to learn Infant now ... and Child and Adult age groups as the baby grows.
The American Heart Association and many studies have documented that CPR skills can be difficult to remember -- but periodic practice and review can help keep skills fresh in your mind. Use the CPR Prompt system regularly to practice skills and review CPR learning.
Owners of the CPR Prompt system love the fact that they can share the kit with family, friends, grandparents, baby-sitters -- anyone who can benefit from learning lifesaving CPR. It's also great to help with "peer training." Have you recently taken a CPR class ... but can't get your spouse or a parent to attend?
Now you can help teach them critical skills ... with the Home Learning System.

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