5 Tips to Make Safety Meeting More Interesting

5 Tips to Make Your Safety Meeting More Interesting

OSHA reports that almost 4 million Americans suffer a workplace injury every year. Yet the requirement to attend a fire safety or workplace safety meeting is often viewed unenthusiastically by workers. Take heart! You can turn your safety meeting or training session into an informative and enjoyable experience by simply following the 5 tips in this post.

Similar to safety awareness programs, the goals of a safety meeting are to create awareness about risks and reduce accidents, as well as to review worker’s compensation and insurance benefits and costs. Additionally, these meetings help employees and managers understand the safety issues associated with various parts of their working environment.

However, to be certain your audience gets the most out of attending your safety meetings, you need to create an enjoyable as well as informative learning experience that covers many topics including what to do before, during, and after a fire or workplace accident. Making your safety meetings interesting and fun is the best way to encourage employees to attend training programs in the future.

5 Tips to Make Your Safety Meeting More Interesting

1. Choose an Interesting Topic: Selecting appropriate safety topic is the key to running a successful safety meeting. Used properly, these topics teach workers safety awareness and emphasize the importance of safety in the workplace. Although it’s up to your oratory abilities to make a safety meeting engaging, you have a good chance of succeeding if you choose subject matter and examples related to your workplace. Regardless of the topics you select, it’s advisable to use the printed material as a guide for speaking instead of reading it. If you intend to read particular sections, read with expression, add a few practical examples, and engage attendees by asking questions. This will help you avoid a monotone and dry monologue. Also, keep in mind that discussing more than one topic per meeting may confuse your audience.

2. Ask for Opinions: Sometimes, it’s better to ask workers what they want to talk about than to present a topic of your choice. Discussing the most serious safety issues that workers face daily encourages the group attending to come back for future safety meetings and trainings.

3. Make a Big Impression: Use cash rewards as part of your safety meetings to make a big impression. If you don’t have the necessary funds to do this, incent people to attend and participate with a rating system that allows someone to be “the winner” by the end of each meeting. An oversized key, for example, can be awarded to the winner for additional recognition and encouragement to participate. Additional ways to make a big impression include telling real stories with photos of accidents and inviting guest speakers such as health care providers, paramedics, fire fighters, safety consultants , first aid trainers, and even workers who have suffered a workplace injury.

4. Educate Your Audience: Teach employees how to apply specific safety procedures. Use safety workshops to illustrate different procedures, such as performing CPR and providing first aid in different situations. Additionally, display and describe medical equipment and personal protective equipment and let attendees see and touch them.

5. Get Feedback: To make sure that employees attending your safety meetings find them useful and interesting, ask for their feedback at the end of each meeting. Also, encourage attendees to give you a few suggestions for making your safety meetings more interesting. Feedback can be given during the meeting or more anonymously by filling out a rating and suggestion sheet. Be sure to check the suggestions and make changes accordingly.

Other tips for running a good safety meeting or training include reducing the size of the group, implementing interactive programs, and keeping the meetings as short as 10 to 20 minutes. Good luck!

About the author:
Carolyn Kidd is the Marketing Manager of DRIFIRE® in Chicago, IL. DRIFIRE is a leading provider and developer of flame resistant (FR) fabrics, FRC clothing and protective apparel to the government, industrial and consumer markets.

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