America's PrepareAthon

America’s PrepareAthon! is a nationwide, community-based campaign for action to increase emergency preparedness and resilience through hazard-specific drills, group discussions and exercises conducted at the national level every fall and spring.

America's PrepareAthon! is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and communities to prepare for specific hazards through drills, group discussions, and exercises.

The first National Day of Action is scheduled for April 30, 2014 and will revolve around taking the actions to prepare for these four specific hazards:

America Prepareathon
Campaign Goals
  • Understand which disasters could happen in their community
  • Know what to do to be safe and mitigate damage
  • Take action to increase their preparedness
  • Participate in community resilience planning
What can I do?
  • Register to participate in America’s PrepareAthon! and provide details about the activities you’re planning.
  • Plan your own local community or organizational preparedness event
  • Participate in discussion forums online with like-minded community members
  • Learn the actions to take for disaster preparedness and practice them!
Where can I find more information?
Stay in Touch


Twitter: @PrepareAthon follow the conversation #PrepareAthon

To move people to action, the President, through Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8), has directed all federal agencies to work with their stakeholders across the country to "coordinate a comprehensive campaign to build and sustain national preparedness, including public outreach and community-based and private-sector programs to enhance national resilience…"

Spring Hazards

Wildfire Prepareathon Hurrican Prepareathon Tornado Prepareathon Flood Prepareathon

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