Save your company's skin

More than one million people this year will develop skin cancer.
How many of them are on your payroll?

As an employer, you have a responsibility for the health of your
employees. You provide protective eyewear, clothing, and hard hats for employees working in high-risk environments. But for those employees working outdoors, you may be overlooking one of the biggest risks of all...OVER-EXPOSURE TO THE SUN.

If you or your employees work outdoors, it’s important to protect your skin with a quality oil-free sunscreen like SmartShield year-round. Even in long-sleeve shirts and pants, areas such as your face, neck, ears and hands are exposed to the sun. Melanoma can originate from any exposed area and spead from there. SmartShield formulas are light and oil-free and can be worn all day/every day but still provide tough UVA & UVB protection. It’s sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen.

SmartShield... the Smart Choice for Outdoor Workers
Outside work has always been hard and difficult: cuts, falls, abrasions, wasps, snakes and sunburns. Sun-induced skin cancers are now the most often diagnosed of all
cancers in the United States! OSHA now requires employers to provide UV protective clothing and protective sunscreen to outside workers.

Skin cancer is a serious problem. SmartShield is a serious solution.
It’s professional sunscreen for people who make their living outdoors.

Facts about SmartShield
Tough UVA/UVB to protect against long-term exposure issues
Does not affect grip on tools, equipment or safety devices
Will not harm linesman gloves
Bonds to skin so it won’t run off with sweat and water
Does not pick up dirt & dust
Fragrance-free, won’t attract insects
Light enough to be worn everyday
Will not stain uniforms
Does not affect FR clothing
Protects from reflectivity of surface materials like snow, sand, water and asphalt
Can be used around parks, wildlife areas and water resources. It does not harm marine life or the environment.
DEET-FREE, Natural Insect Repellent & Sunscreen Combo – Protects from insect-related disease and is a convenient one-stop application
Natural Insect Repellent proven equivalent to DEET
Economy Sizes/Cost-Efficient Applications available for large numbers of workers

OSHA Requirements
SmartShield manufactures a unique sunscreen that is water proof,
sweat-proof, FDA compliant, cost-effective and designed to meet
OSHA’s requirements to protect employees from prolonged sun exposure.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
requires adequate protection for employees:
"OSHA rule 29CFR 1910.132(a) requires employers to protect
employees against overexposure to the sun’s radiation."

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