How Do Decontamination Showers Work?

Decon showers are used for decontaminating human beings or sites exposed to harmful substances through showers which look like household ones but are designed with bigger showerheads for maximum efficacy. These showers come either with levers that need to be pulled for forcing the water out or have sensors installed which gets automatically activated when one steps into the zone.

Decontamination showers also referred to as decon showers are specialized showers used for decontaminating a site of hazardous substances and chemicals, thereby saving residential and commercial properties of possible detrimental consequences. These equipments form an integral part of the whole decontamination process and are designed differently than regular showers with wider showerheads for catering to a larger area. Decontamination showers are also used for human decontamination which comes foremost in the list of priority, especially in cases where people are exposed to harmful chemicals such as those working in industries. For optimum decontamination to take place via decontamination showers it is imperative to have sufficient storage of clean water in portable tanks which are able to supply water to the shower for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

How do they Work

Decontamination showers come with steel bodies to be absolutely free of bacteria accumulation problems with a lever that requires to be pulled in order to force the water out of the shower opening in a steady pressure. In addition to being completely pure or dirt-free, the water temperature has to be regulated in such a way as to make it neither too hot or too cold, referred to as ‘tepid’ by the ANSI Safety Regulations. Most modern day decontamination showers are harnessed with sensors which get activated when any victim who requires undergoing decontamination steps under the shower area. In order to be effective the showers must be installed in places that are highly exposed to hazardous materials under secluded shelters like a tent and can be reached by walking only 10 seconds for immediate eradication of the harmful acids and chemicals of the body.

How to Use Decontamination Showers

If you have been exposed to hazardous substances and require getting decontaminated you need to reach the decontamination shower as soon as possible or be escorted to the nearest one immediately. The decontamination process requires you to undress and strip before stepping into the shower zone and be under the shower for fifteen minutes in the least for optimum effect to take place. The wider showerheads of 20 inches diameter caters to your whole body, thereby doing away with the need for moving yourself in order to ensure that every part of the body gets wet. In certain work sites, workers have to undergo a decontamination shower compulsorily when they come to work since their job requires them to be exposed to the contaminated environment for prolonged periods. In such cases the showers have to be placed within 100 meters of main site of production according to the safety laws so that they are reachable in the shortest time. The needs of the particular factory or company and the size of the site determine the number of such decon showers to be put up for catering to the human or site decontamination processes. Post taking the shower and when the individual has gone through the first and most important stage of cleansing or decontamination he is provided with clean clothes and accompanied to a hospital or proffered medical assistance as per the need.

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