A Website Designed to Encompass Everything Associated With the Word “Safety” fails to Represent Various Sectors of the Population.

“This Safety Destination site is designed to encompass everything you associate with the word "Safety". Whether you are here because you performed a Safety search, typed in our Safety URL to see what you would find, or were invited as a Safety Citizen… we are pleased to have you here Today.” This is what appears on Safety.com’s homepage. A very welcoming and inclusive message that can make anyone looking for “anything safety related” feel warm and fuzzy inside. That is unless, you- like me- are not looking for the cookie cutter safety related searches and topics which are readily accessible in other search engines.

Safety.com presents itself as the place to be at when one is looking to anything related to safety yet when performing a basic keyword search with words such as, “bullying, gay, lesbian, police brutality, EFCA and ENDA,” no search results are yielded. Searching “Mexican” produced this article http://www.safety.com/articles/mexican-border-protection-measure with the tag for it being “terrorism.” This is a very eloquently, statistically backed up article written by someone who’s point of view is quite clear. It is really too bad that there are no additional articles which not only show the that there are other associations to be made with “Mexicans” but that also highlight the positive contributions which are made by Mexicans and other Immigrants of the US such as the taxes revenue they generate and contribute to America’s Economy. There are numerous articles written on how to avoid heat exhaustion, most of the options given are not some which Farm Workers, many of whom are Mexican, are able to practice as per their oftentimes inhumane working conditions.

I spent last Sunday in company of my television set tuned to The Lifetime Movie Network for the entire day, I saw many a drama about teens in America and the hardships they face on a daily basis. Being the mother of a pre-teenage girl, my interest was piqued when I saw that there is a Teen Relationship section. While reading, I tried to keep an open mind but was quickly turned off by the generalizations made here. http://www.safety.com/articles/staying-safe-teen-relationship. Reading this was alienating to me because I know many members of the LGBTQ community and have done some volunteer work with partnership abusive prevention. Nowhere on this page do you see that anything than a relationship between a male and a female are normal or a part of keeping teens in relationships safe. Additionally, the language chosen suggests that only females fall victims to abusive relationships. The members of The Safety.com Team, have this great platform to promote gender neutral language to promote inclusivity and they let it slip away. Additionally, this article which I hoped would offer some clarity or a deeper sense of understanding, just left me feeling frustrated and confused with the many points it tries to touch upon while leaving so many loose ends, http://www.safety.com/articles/eating-disorders-anorexia-can-meet-her-ne.... I noticed that this contributor has an ebook, out of curiosity, I thought of checking that out but most of as are familiar with the saying, “curiosity killed the cat” and well thankfully-, I still have a life worth living!

One of the better written articles I found was this one which discussed Cyberstalking, the dangers and ways in which to protect yourself and respond to cyberstalking if you fall a victim to this nuisance and possible crime. http://www.safety.com/articles/cyberstalking-its-real-its-serious. Of course, if you are looking to protect yourself from being cyberstalked by the government, you won’t find what you seek here.

Overall, Safety.com has the potential to accomplish great things while representing all sectors of the US and global citizens. From what I read, membership is free and there is no junk mail to worry about.

My question to Everyone now is: "Why don’t members of the LGBTQ community; Mexican and other Immigrant Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters; and other Health and Safety Professionals; as well as those advocating for basic Human Rights to include Healthcare for All, join this community and make your opinions and causes be heard?"
Surely, I must not be the only one who thinks this way. Join, Post, Chime in and Be Heard. Let’s unite!

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