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Avoiding Common Health and Safety Hazards in the Office Environment

The workforce in any office is subjected to various types of hazards of different natures. The type of hazard you may face depends upon the work that is carried out in the office.

5 Ways to Promote Health and Safety at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

It is far too risky as a business owner not to acknowledge the importance of health and safety when at exhibitions and trade shows.

Welding: Reducing Health and Safety Risks

Welding poses serious threats to health and safety. Before starting any job, workers need to be armed with knowledge about the dangers that arise in different welding situations.

Buying Safely in Online Auctions

While making purchases online is relatively safe, making credit card purchases through Internet payment systems -- Pay Pal, for example -- is not necessarily safe.

Backyard Safety

Backyard safety is not just for parents with small children. Basic common sense ideas can help children of all ages (and their parents!) avoid harm.

Reduce your Risk of Electrical Shocks

Electricity has been one of the greatest benefits to mankind. It has contributed to all major advances that we enjoy. At the same time, electricity can also be one of the most dangerous risks to our health and safety. Electrical shocks can kill.

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