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How to use your cellphone to keep your family safe

Do you know how safe your family members are?

Day Dreamers Die... April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month

Daydreaming Drivers are More Deadly Than Texting... The majority of fatal car crashes the result of drivers 'lost in thought'.

140 Free phone apps from the Government!


There are over 140 apps provided by the government for your smartphone… most are free!

Transportation Officials Want to Ticket Those Who Don't Click It

Seat belt use is reaching record levels in the United States, but a recent Associated Press report states that there are s

Cell Phones and Driving

Cellular phones can be a lifesaver to drivers. If your vehicle breaks down late at night on a deserted road, help is only a call away -- if you have a cell phone.

Is your cell phone safe?

Regulation on Lithium-Ion Batteries in Mobile Communication Devices

Although lithium-ion batteries have long been the power source of choice in mobile communication devices, concerns remain about their safety.

Lithium Batteries – Advantages and Disadvantages

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