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What the CDC says about Potassium Iodide

From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Potassium Iodide (KI)

Unique Safety Challenges In Chemical Logistics

Improper shipping of hazardous chemicals can have disastrous consequences. It takes an enormous level of care and expertise to ensure chemicals make it from Point A to Point B without issue.


The hazardous materials regulations have changed significantly over the last several years.

Avoid the Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2013

Workplace safety is not just about hard hats, safety glasses, or gloves, but includes a tireless dedication toward identifying and reducing ALL safety risks.

Lithium-Ion Batteries and Safety: How Risk-Free They Are?

After being the apple-of-the-eye of media due to the flaming and smoldering batteries

OSHA Safety Training & DOT, Oil, Gas, MSHA, Maritime, Forklift, Construction, HAZMAT

OSHA and Other Safety Training and Compliance Books, Manuals, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Training Materials, Safety Kits, Forms & More...

A Guide to Workplace Hazards in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is a large but diverse part of the employment sector.

Four Things You Don’t Know About Spills

Here’s a quiz for anyone whose company is at risk for spills of hazardous materials or other regulated substances at facilities or on the road.

How Do Decontamination Showers Work?

Decon showers are used for decontaminating human beings or sites exposed to harmful substances through showers which look like household ones but are designed with bigger showerheads for maximum effic

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