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Finding a Safe Daycare for Your Child

An increasing number of families are now dual-income families, and with the economic woes that have befallen the States, and the world at large, this sociological trend will not be going away any t

Educating Children on Home Safety in the 21st Century

At one quaint point of time, it seemed that leaving a key under a welcome mat was as good a method as any for keeping a home accessible to kids when parents were unavailable to greet them.

Child Portal

Children's First Aid Kits, Kids Emergency Medical Kits & Child Safety Products

Personal Self Defense Techniques When Women

There are assets that give many women important countermeasures while combating these acts with regards to violence.

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Safe at Home: Babysitter Safety

You and your spouse bought tickets to the Broadway show months in advance. You made reservations at a five-star restaurant. As the event draws near, you look to hire a babysitter.

Stalking Teens: How to Protect Yourself

Each year 1.4 million people fall victim to stalking -- and it's reaching crisis proportion.

Taking Care of the Babysitter

There is no questioning the need for a good babysitter. This is the person who will be responsible for your children's well-being.

Teen Sexual Harassment

We often hear about sexual harassment in the workplace. But you may not realize that in junior high and high schools across the country, sexual harassment happens every day.

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