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ABC of Pool Safety

Pool safety is often overlooked with devastating results – over 300 Australian children have unnecessarily drowned in the past decade, almost all of which were preventable cases.

Pool and Patio Safety Tips

Our backyards are where we gather to enjoy leisure, the outdoors, friends and the comforts of home and family – especially if you have a pool and surrounding outdoor lounge area.

Finding a Safe Daycare for Your Child

An increasing number of families are now dual-income families, and with the economic woes that have befallen the States, and the world at large, this sociological trend will not be going away any t

Child Portal

Children's First Aid Kits, Kids Emergency Medical Kits & Child Safety Products

Your Kids and Water Safety: All Eyes on Deck

Baby Elizabeth, 16 months, made Internet waves earlier this month when she was shown swimming the length of a pool by herself.

Pool Slide: An Ideal Accessory for Your Pool

Are you experiencing a pool in your yard? In that case, you're not alone. Throughout the United States Of America, pools are available in many gardens.

Summer Carnivals & Toy Safety

Toy safety is a topic commonly associated with Christmas - after all that's the time most of us are buying things for our little (and not so little) people.

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There are over 140 apps provided by the government for your smartphone… most are free!

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