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Avoiding Common Health and Safety Hazards in the Office Environment

The workforce in any office is subjected to various types of hazards of different natures. The type of hazard you may face depends upon the work that is carried out in the office.


Portable handheld device provides waterless WBGT measurement and displays
on-screen warning signal when environmental conditions enter a danger zone.

Reducing Visual Discomfort at Your Computer Workstation

You've been sitting at the computer all day and now your

Terminal Health: Office Ergonomics Help Computer Workers

Work performed at computers requires us to sit still in the same position for long periods of time. It also involves frequent, repetitive movements of the eyes, head, arms, and fingers.

Buying Safely in Online Auctions

While making purchases online is relatively safe, making credit card purchases through Internet payment systems -- Pay Pal, for example -- is not necessarily safe.

Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the Keyboard

Many more people use computers than they did just ten years ago.

A Good Read: The Instructions

If you’ve used one stapler, you've used them all, right?

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