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Taxpayer ID Theft: Use to Verify Your Identity

The IRS stops and flags suspicious or duplicate federal tax returns that falsely represent your identity, such as your name or social security number.

Reputation Managment

Reputation Management - With the onslaught of decrease high-quality information that can be obtained cheaply, precise areas are far more than willing to spend a lot of dollars for fantastic data.

140 Free phone apps from the Government!


There are over 140 apps provided by the government for your smartphone… most are free!

Turn around Amount Lookup - An Infraction Of Personal privacy Rights?

There was a time when all the phone lines were physically functioned and utmost secrecy was sustained.

The Need for Social Marketing in 2013

The past year was an eye-opener in many ways for the entire IT industry.


A Website Designed to Encompass Everything Associated With the Word “Safety” fails to Represent Various Sectors of the Population.

The Best Safety Filter for Kids on the Internet

It's not an upgrade or a new version, but it is smart enough to filter out everything a kid shouldn't see on the Internet. And, it works with Mac or PC!

It's you, the parent.

Uninvited Users at the Keyboard: Who's been Toying with your Computer?

Someone could be using your computer and you may not even know it. That intruder could be someone sneaking into your home or work office and accessing your online accounts.

Untangling the Mess of Stolen Identity

You open and pay bills on time, you balance checkbook statements when they arrive, and you keep spending within earning amounts. You question discrepancies on statements.

What is On Your Web Site?

Whether simple or complex, large or small, the number of easy-to-use web site design products on the market today make it increasingly easy for amateur designers to post family history on the Web.

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