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Oil and Gas Industry and Its Safety Challenges

Safety has always been a cause for concern in the oil and gas industry. In the year 2013, this sector saw 112 work-related fatalities.

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5 Workplaces Requiring Safety Clothing

Staying safe on the job is vitally important in all work environments, but there are industries where special safety equipment is required.

Comprehensive Safety Monitoring at Well Site Applications using a Three-Tiered Approach

There are a number of challenges when evaluating a safety monitoring solution for well sites: they are typically open areas with constantly changing wind conditions, they are subject to extreme temper

Bioremediation Agent Safely Cleans Oil Spills & Contaminated Floodwater

Residents of the United States’ East Coast are focused on cleaning and repairing property damaged by Superstorm Sandy, but contaminated floodwaters and damage to natural ecosystems will leave a lastin

140 Free phone apps from the Government!


There are over 140 apps provided by the government for your smartphone… most are free!

10 Tips for Everyday Fume Hood Safety

The ubiquitous fume hood may be the most commonly used safety device in the laboratory.

A Total Nitrogen Removal Process Without the Need for Carbon

Current wastewater total nitrogen removal treatment practice can be significantly improved by implementation of a proven technology now offered in North America, called the DEMON®-System.

Calibration Gas Company Meets the Needs of its Distributors

In keeping with the trend of jazzing up safety, Gasco Affiliates LLC is generating leads for distributors!

An Industrial Hygenist

It is a bright Monday morning and you have just arrived at your office to start the week.

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