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Sexual Harassment & Workplace Harassment

Most of us cannot do our work without interacting with other people. Effective communication is usually part of the job, and cooperation can be essential.


A Website Designed to Encompass Everything Associated With the Word “Safety” fails to Represent Various Sectors of the Population.

Teen Sexual Assault

No matter what your age or gender, it's never okay to be forced into a sexual act.

Teen Violence: Warning Signs

Violence is a major issue facing today's youth -- at home, at school, and in the community.

College and Campus Safety

College should be a time of great exploration.

Campus Safety: Be Smart, Be Safe

It's a grim fact, but street crime has become more and more common on college campuses. Certain crimes have become specific to the college setting.

7 Factors that Drastically Increase Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace is a huge liability and potentially a fiscal disaster waiting to happen.

Acquaintance Rape

When we think of rape, most people picture a woman being attacked by a stranger in a dark alley. The fact is that almost four out of five rape cases involve people who know each other.

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