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San Diego Summer Safety

In the summer months, tourists and residents of cities like San Diego head to the beach in droves.

140 Free phone apps from the Government!


There are over 140 apps provided by the government for your smartphone… most are free!

Play Safe: Skate Safely

Gone are the days when a child could simply skate away for the day, and the only thing parents worried about was whether or not the child would return home, in tears, with a skinned knee or two.

Skateboarding Safety

Skateboarding is an increasingly popular activity for kids -- especially teenage boys. It's fun and challenging as well as a great form of exercise. But it can also be very dangerous.

Your Cut or Wound is Serious: Time to See a Doctor

It's been a long day already and you're chopping vegetables for dinners. While thinking about all the things you still need to do before bedtime, the knife slips. Ouch.

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