Earthquake & Disaster

Preparedness Training Classes

As low as $15 per student!

(Disaster Preparedness training class prices vary by group size and region, general price range $15 to $40 per student)

Just 2 hours

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Why is American Environmental Health & Safety the industry leader in Safety training?

We make it fast, fun, and affordable!

AH&S has created a Disaster training curriculum that presents all the information in a fraction of the time, and in a more entertaining and understandable format.

American Environmental Health & Safety offers "Corporate" style training which presents the information in a clear, concise format. This allows our clients to learn what they need to know, and become comfortable with the concepts involved
In this fashion, AH&S saves our clients substantial dollars in class cost AND salary time!

What do you learn in an American Environmental Health & Safety Disaster Prepareness Training Class?
Outlines are provided for each student. Students may use these outlines to follow along with the lecture and to make additional notations as necessary.

The Earthquake & Disaster Preparedness class includes information about planning for and surviving an earthquake, flood, storm, or other major disaster.

Whether at home, at work, or in an automobile, students will learn what steps to take and which supplies to have ready in case of an emergency. They will become familiar with escape routes, safe locations to ride out the disaster, and what to do in the following 72 hours while awaiting professional rescue crews.

Disaster survival kits and equipment will be available for purchase.

American Environmental Health & Safety offers opportunities for you to learn with programs and training classes available throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America…

American Environmental Health & Safety offers the most entertaining, affordable, accurate, time-, and cost-efficient CPR, First Aid and other Safety Training Classes in the US, Canada, and Mexico!
We offer training in an accelerated format using the knowledge of the industries leading professionals, presented in an entertaining and informative manner. Many of our classes are offered in Multimedia and Distance Learning formats, and all are designed to comply with the most current OSHA regulations.

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